Movies on Polyhedral Granular Materials


After roughtly 18 years, we (Chen Jian and H.-G. Matuttis, with considerable junks of code from Alex Schinner), have now a polygonal simulation (finite Young's modulus, taking into account the full particle geometry) up and running. We started with polygonal simulations, and then Alex' wrote his master thesis on polygonal particle simulations, but we had no forcelaw yet. It took us some time to figure out what really is necessary, and what is not.


Demonstration of the 3D-code
floor.mp4 Particles (polyhedra inscribed in rotational ellipsoids) beeing generated above a floor, dropping down. The initial is too large and the particle shapes allow easy rolling, so no heap forms, though static friction is present.
~2.3 Mb
drum.mp4 This movie first shows a drum geometry (just a single frame). Then, particles are set inside, and fall down. Then the drum starts rotating, and the outline of the drum is removed to show the movement of the granular particles better.
~1.9 Mb