Elliptic Particles

 Simulations (Nr. 1 and Nr. 2)of elliptic particles without gravity  without damping (energy loss in normal contact direction) and without Coulomb friction (energy loss and constraint of motion in tangential contact direction). The blue marker particle on the right shows the individual motion of a single particle more clearly.

Simulation of elliptic particles without gravity,  damping and without Columb friction with  periodic boundary conditions.

Simulation of elliptic particles under gravity  with damping but without Coulomb Friction. In the absence of Coulomb friction, the particle aggregate shows clear oscillations of the center of mass. With Coulomb friction, the oscillations are suppressed, the system reaches the final state at once.

Simulation of a binary mixture  of round and elliptic particles without gravity and damping. The same system,but this time the neighborhood-relations are emphasized using connecting lines between the particles.